Contact information


Address: 8900 Zalaegerszeg,
Kaszaházi u 34.
Fax: +36 92 510 334

Detailed information

  • Company: MA-SZIN Kft.
  • Adress: 34. Kaszaházi Street, 8900 Zalaegerszeg 
  • Tax number: 11351991-2-20
  • Phone: +36 30 311 8845 - Attila Kocsi managing director
  • +36 30 946 4795 - Attiláné Kocsi contact
  • +36 30 350 1879 - jr. Attila Kocsi plant manager
  • Fax: +36 92 510 334
  • E-mail:

  • GPS: N 46.85677 E 16.84880




Opening hours

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 6.00  -   16.00


Company information

The predecessor of Maszin Kft. was launched in 1985 with the production of ironmongery, railings, fences, grids, sign-boards, supporting structures and metal structures. Subsequently, their sphere of activities was expanded with the making of shop furniture in accordance with the market demands.

In 1995, I founded MA-SZIN Kft. while I continued operating also as a private entrepreneur.
I modernised the surface treatment technology by implementing an electrostatic powder-dying plant investment.

We can deliver and assembly our metallurgy products as complete sets and finished products.
We can perform electrostatic powder dying, sintering in a job work system for our existing and potential customers.


We have been operating at a modern site since 2001. We have had an agency for SIAD industrial and welding gases in Zalaegerszeg since 2008.
We have been distributing FLAGA propane-butane gas cylinders for households and industrial users since 2012.

With their skills the managers and experienced workers of MA-SZIN Kft. can meet the demands of our customers in high quality and by the agreed dates.



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